African-American Genealogical Society of Milwaukee

Join us and learn how to research your family history!

Mission Statement

The African-American Genealogical Society of Milwaukee is a non-profit organization committed to the preservation and history and culture of our African-American ancestors.

The Society stresses the importance of African-American history and genealogy by encouraging research, recording, and documenting personal family histories, and to encourage contemporary and future African-Americans to preserve records of their families and their communities.

Who We Are...

The first meeting of the society was on July 18, 1992. Four people came to the meeting. The next meeting was called in September with monthly meetings thereafter. By February, 1993, the members put on a display of their genealogical findings for the community. In May, 1993, we began work on our constitution. On June 19, 1993, the following officers were elected:


President - Carol Calvin

Vice President - Vernita Morgan

Treasurer - Don Ramsey

Secretary - Anita Johnson

Newsletter Editor - Chuck Powell

New Assistant - Brenda Thompson


Before installation could take place, Vernita Morgan returned to school and Don Ramsey became unavailable due to personal reasons. Julia Saunders became the new Vice President and Barbara Whitmore became the new Treasurer. In September, 1993, Mary Mason installed the officers.

On October 16, 1993, we had our first membership drive which included a speaker, Dr. Anthony Mensah, and a panel discussion on tracing family history presented by three of our members.

On September 24, 1994, Tony Burroughs spoke to the group on Tracing Your Ancestors. Workshops followed on three of the following Wednesday evenings presented by members of the AAGSOM.

In 1995, we added a membership chairperson, Richard Cantu, with an assistant, Lenore Mathews. We also added a publicity chairperson, Cassandra Brooks.

We had a fourth presentation on September 16, 1995. It included speakers Doris Newby Armstrong and Dorothy French Greene. We also had presentations by members.

Among our many activities we have:


  • Explored the resources in the Milwaukee Public Library
  • Received an orientation at the L.D.S. library in Hales Corners, Wisconsin
  • Attended conferences in Chicago sponsored by the African American Genealogical and Historical Society of Chicago  and the Patricia Liddell Researchers
  • October 26, 1996 was our fifth workshop